3 Tricks Showing Ethnic Nuances for Your Home Facade

The facade is the outer side (exterior) of a building that becomes the most frequently viewed part. For that, it is necessary for you to form the look of a nice viewed facade by designing the formation of elements as harmonious as possible. Not only that, you also need to pay attention to the design of the facade in designing your home. This is because through the facade or the appearance of your home dwelling, your characters will be radiated.

As for the various architectural styles for the design of your home facade, which you can choose. One of them is the ethnic-style facade design. The ethnic variety of traditional Indonesian architecture is very rich and varied for you to choose from. However, in designing this ethnic-style facade, you do not need to apply a 100% ethnic style. You just need to display the characteristics of an area that you then adjust to the details of the building so that it is quite representative of the ethnic style. For those of you who want to try to design this ethnic-style facade, here are a few ways to showcase the ethnic style on the design of your home facade.

  1. Determining Ethnic Elements Through Physical Form

The first step you should take is to select and determine one ethnic element from a particular area. For example, you want to apply the architecture of Traditional House Tongkonan from South Sulawesi to your home. Since you do not have to apply ethnic styles 100%, you can apply ethnic elements through the idea of a curved roof resembling a boat or the idea of a row of buffalo horns located on the front of the Tongkonan Traditional Household. Then, combine it with the design style you choose for your home building. Thus, the result will be unique, but beautiful.

  1. Determining Ethnic Elements Through Motives or Ethnic Patterns

If in the first step, you determine ethnic elements through physical ideas, then here you can take ethnic elements through the idea of a particular ethnic motif or pattern. For example, you take ethnic elements through Javanese motifs or carvings as one of the elements applied to the facade, such as walls or doors.

  1. Determining Ethnic Elements Through Building Architecture Character

The character of building architecture is part of the house that became characteristic. For example, a Betawi building or house that has an open terrace as a living room. You can also form one of the elements of your house by forming an open terrace as your living room.

These are the ways to showcase your ethnic style on the design of your home facade. To beautify the look of your home facade, you can use the aluminum composite panel as a material that supports the design of your home. To obtain material aluminum composite panel with guaranteed quality, you can get it through PT. Kencana Panelindo, the pioneer of the Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) manufacturer in Indonesia at kencanapanelindo.com.