6 Application of Aluminum Composite Panel for Building Needs in Indonesia

ACP Price – The use of Aluminum Composite Panel or commonly referred to as ACP seems to have become a new need for development in Indonesia. But apparently, the use of ACP is not merely about the exterior of a building (facade). However, there are some other applications that can use ACP, approximately what is that? For that, let’s refer to the following information.

  1. The Exterior Section of the High Rise Building

One of the main uses of ACP is for the facade of high rise buildings, and of course this is familiar. In Indonesia itself more and more architects and contractors who choose the use of ACP than other materials, considering there are so many advantages that can be obtained from the use of ACP, which makes the building look more beautiful, luxurious, and tested its safety.

  1. Home Interior

Not only the exterior, the interior of a building, especially the house, can also use the aluminum composite panel to bring the atmosphere of the room that impressed beautiful and luxurious, especially on the ceiling of the house. Not enough there, with the ACP price is quite cheap, then the ACP is also able to conjure the interior of the old house to look new again. Of course, the ACP has now become a new solution for those who want to renovate homes at a cheaper cost but still give an interesting impression.

  1. Interior Bathroom

Still in the discussion of the interior, the ACP also became one of the alternative options for a cleaner and more luxurious bathroom. Whether it’s an office bathroom or a private home.

  1. Interior of a Gas Station

Not only for a commercial building or a private building, but the use of ACP is also widely used for government agencies. The easiest one to find is a gas station that almost entirely uses this aluminum composite panel.

  1. Shop Complex

In today’s, more and more popping shop that uses Aluminum Composite Panel is to protect the outer appearance of the building so as not exposed to direct exposure to the sun or rain. Not only that, the use of ACP also makes the building shop or shop become more beautiful and luxurious in order to attract more customers.

  1. Reclame Boards and Billboard

Not only for the needs of a building, the use of ACP is also widely applied to the display billboard to increase the attractiveness of people passing by. This is also a consideration for reclame boards or billboards to be durable and protected from exposure to solar heat and rain. Thanks to this resilience also make ACP become so much in demand in Indonesia.

That’s the sixth place where ACP is applied frequently in Indonesia. For those of you who want to get the latest ACP products and high-quality with ACP prices are certainly affordable, then ACP Kencana Panelindo the solution. Find more information about each high-quality ACP products from Kencana Panelindo, only at www.kencanapanelindo.com.