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Alcopan is superior ACP product for PVDF and PE (Polyester) which prioritizes effective and efficient products with competitive prices. The Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) with Alcopan brand coated with Politilene (PE) consists of two high quality aluminum sheets and panel cores filled with thermoplastic polyethylene material (refractory polyethylene) processed under constant pressure and high temperature. The aluminum front side is coated with polyester paint, to get brilliant glossy colors. Alcopan’s Aluminum Composite Panel offers more opportunities for designers and architects for creative, innovative, and individual planning. Materials can be easily fabricated and installed for constructions, buildings, and residential homes, as a versatile interior application material. Advantages and Characteristics:

  • The surface coating is soft and has high resistance to pressure.
  • High formability and high stability.
  • A wide selection of brilliant colors.
  • Simple individual design and processing.
  • Lightweight even in large panel sizes.
  • Flat panel with good torque strength.
  • As a good sound insulation and heat.