Here Are The Things That Must Be Considered When Designing a Home Facade (Part1)

When you think about the facade of the house, you will usually imagine the beauty, color, texture, materials, and format, but often you forget that comfort is the most important component of a facade design. Following this article will explain about 8 things to consider when designing the facade of the house, especially relating to the safety and comfort of you and your family.

Entering the front of the house, you can choose a variety of aesthetic designs of interest, but compared to that, you should consider more lighting for your security and your family. To improve the lighting of the front area of your home, you can add lights with sensors that are able to detect movement in the front zone of the house, so it can light every there is someone through the front area of the house.

Natural light obstruction

Everyone needs privacy. For that, when people design a house must pay attention to privacy on the front component of his house. However, for this one thing, you still have to pay attention to how the road situation in front of the house. This is because in some cases it is often for security reasons that people inhibit the natural light from outside to enter the house, whereas the external beam may still be needed. As a solution, you can try to install a hollow wood facade, then the natural rays will remain in without showing the interior of the house.

Excessive facade decoration

You definitely expect your house to look beautiful and one way to beautify the house is to add decoration. However, giving excessive decoration or giving a color that is too attractive will often destroy the harmony and beauty of the design of your home facade. For that, if you want to give a decoration in order to give personality on the facade of your house, then you can do it through playing color on doors, windows, prints, and so forth.

There is no light that stands out at night

When you have a beautiful facade, you do everything to keep it in good condition, especially during the day. But, what happens at night, you often forget the lighting that can highlight the design of your facade. You just concentrate on the lighting associated with yourself by simply lighting the entrance. But actually, there are some points on the facade that should be given lighting for security and accentuate the design of the house at night.

That’s 4 of the 8 things you need to look at when designing a home facade, especially with regard to the safety and comfort of you and your family. To beautify the look of your home facade, you can use the aluminum composite panel as a material that supports the design of your home. To obtain material aluminum composite panel with guaranteed quality, you can get it through PT. Kencana Panelindo, the pioneer of the Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) manufacturer in Indonesia at