Inspiration Unique Facade of Various World Hemisphere

Unique Facade – The facade of a building will be the attraction of a person in seeing a building, facade, front view of a building, it promises a view that represents a house. Even the facade of a building can make an identity for a building and can be used as a differentiator with the design of buildings with each other. Currently, the shape of the facade varies from long, high, square, round and material selection is very diverse.

The picture above is a small restaurant located in Madrid, which was the design of the facade is made very interesting passing visitors. Because the facade of this restaurant is very bold showing yellow paint color emitted by candles above the door. No half-hearted, tables, chairs, and paintings that are outside also painted even if only partially. This is done so that the impression of light to be generated becomes visible.

You should not be fooled by this one form of the building. The building that has a paper-shaped facade that crushed this is a high school in Kufsein, Austria. Previously, the building was renovated in advance and then look impressive. Because of its unique facade shape, not only makes it look different. However, making this school become famous.

The building above is a salon located in Austria. This salon has the name Salon Mittermeier. The uniqueness of this building is the outer design that represents the architectural 3D wave. Which is meant to attract people to come to this salon and add character to this salon in general.

The building is located in Sao Paulo, and the shop is completely converted by SuperLimao Studio. This building looks anti-mainstream. Which is where the facade is covered with a honeycomb pattern. And the pattern has a different look. There are some hexagons with matt look and some are semi-transparent. The display creates a very interesting visual effect to look at.

Hue Apartments is the name of the building above, designed by the architect of Jackson Clements. Which were this one building has an interesting and unique facade both outside and inside. One of them with his side that has a hole that makes it different. with holes that vary in diameter, providing a sensation for someone who wants to see the view from inside the room.

Some of the buildings above is a building that has a unique facade design. The point can inspire you, in finding a unique design for the project or for your building. Do you know? that the Aluminum Composite Panel also serves to embellish the facade of your building or room. Kencana Panelindo present by selling various color ACP with the best quality.