Building Facade, Help Create a More Secure And Beautiful City Order

ACP Price – Create a Beautiful City Order – Based on statistical data, it is mentioned that Indonesia became one of the countries with a fairly rapid development of construction industry. Even the investment value is estimated to reach USD 423 billion by the government itself.

Meanwhile, when talking about Jakarta as the capital, there are 1,227 tall buildings. But unfortunately, there are only 140 buildings that fall into the category of green buildings (green certified buildings). This can certainly be a potential to create a more green city order again, and it can all start with the installation of quality building facades.

The facade of the building is actually part of the envelope of the outer building, as well as the most important part of a building. The facade of a building becomes one of the main elements for creating a form of building structure, as well as creating a visual impact for the surrounding urban environment.

Indeed, in general, the facade of a building serves to anticipate any interference from outside such bad weather, wind, rain, to pollution and the influence of solar heat. Of course, this can be a serious concern for development in Indonesia because of the tropical climate and high temperatures. In harmony with the concept of ‘green’ sustainable or sustainable green principles for the city environment, it is proper that the construction industry in Indonesia began to create a design innovation and a new view of the process of building facades.

Not only there, the selection and innovation of the construction of building facades in a sustainable way should also consider the protection of buildings against fire. The creation of building facades with fire-fighting systems and their various applications cannot be separated from aesthetic factors. That way will create a dynamic facade and beautiful view. That’s why ACP’s installation price is getting cheaper now with higher demand for construction needs.

With the cheaper ACP installation price, it will certainly provide an opportunity for architects, as well as contractors to create a more innovative design in a building in major cities in Indonesia to create a more beautiful and more ‘green’ city concept.

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