Watch Out for Too Expensive Price! These Are The 3 Main Factors That Can Affect The Installation of ACP

When compared to materials such as brick, or aci finish paint plaster, ACP is now the newest choice for contractors or architects to build a building. ACP or Aluminum Composite Panel can be said to have more advantages when compared with other materials. But with the many advantages that are owned, not infrequently the contractors will find the cost of installation of ACP facade to be so expensive. So, to cope with that, what are some things that must be considered for the price of ACP and installation costs become more affordable? Here Kencana Panelindo will share the information only for you.

Selected Aluminum Composite Panel Materials

The first thing to note is the type of ACP material to be used. This of course will affect the cost of installation as a building facade. You should understand that ACP products with European brands will have a higher price when compared to Chinese-made products, although at the same level of thickness. Approximately how thick can Aluminum affect the installation cost for building facades? For a thickness of about 0.5 mm, it will be more expensive when compared with ACP which has a thickness of 0.3 mm.

Bracket/Frame To Be Used

Afterward, you can immediately consider the frame material that will be used for future installation. Whether to use hollow type iron or hollow type aluminum. Furthermore, it should also consider the thickness of the bracket, as well as the distance from each existing frame. If the framework and thick material have a fairly tight spacing, then of course the price of ACP installation will be more expensive.

Other Tools To Use

Tools for installation such as scaffolding or gondola for a high rise building. Higher the building that will be fitted with ACP then the more need for tools that will certainly have an impact on installation costs to be issued.

That was brief information on three main factors that could affect the cost of installing building facades using ACP. To get a high-quality ACP product with ACP price that is also affordable, then you can directly visit